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Izzy Leach is a photographer and filmmaker based between Glasgow and London. She recently graduated from Communication Design, Photography at the Glasgow School of Art (b.1996). Throughout her projects you can see the development of various stories that are influenced by place, culture and time. Izzy is interested in the performance that takes place in the everyday, and the body's ability to channel personal and social stories. In 2019 she was selected as one of 'The Graduates' in It's Nice That  magazine; the journalist described her practice: 'in short Izzy reinterprets the cultural symbol's of yesteryear for the present and in turn, her photography is heavily layered in both visuals and meaning'. 

Izzy has self-published her own photo-book Seven Ages (50 x 40 cm) which has been exhibited at Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow. She is currently working on fresh projects and interacting with other creatives to present new, exciting work to a wider audience. 

Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 14.21.25.png

Izzy Leach (b.1996)

The Flood (#3), 2018

50.8 x 38.1 cm

Giclée Print

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